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We perform CCTV inspections for council consents that comply to council standards

If you are building, renovating or doing any work on your property the Council may require you to present a report and CCTV footage of the drains beneath the proposed work sites. CLICK HERE for more info on works over.

Pre Build report – This is if you intend on building over/or near a council/public drain.  It is required to show the drain you are building over/or near, is in good condition. We also locate/mark the position of the drain as it enters and exits the property with accurate depths. We can also provide a detailed drawing with measurements from the located/marked areas to fixed objects,

Post Build report – This is after the construction has been completed to ensure no damage or alteration occurred to the drainage and sewer/Storm Water systems in the area.

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All drain inspections are accompanied with comprehensive reports detailing the results of each inspection. At the end of the inspection, a DVD or USB copy will be provided to the client as well as a thorough report of each finding. – Click on links below for deliverables.Also CLICK HERE for more info.


The CCTV survey report will contain:

  • Description of location/Address
  • Name of Client
  • Date and time of inspection
  • Operators expert observations
  • Video record of the inspection
  • Photo’s of any detected faults or features of interest
  • Records of conduit length and chainages of defects and features.
  • Detailed operators report


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