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Here at Asbuilt we strive to provide you with detailed log sheets and accurate drawings, please click the link below to check out some of our deliverables

Asbuilt Solutions provide AS-BUILT plans & drawings to satisfy all Councils, Engineers and Architects – See link for deliverables

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Asbuilt Plan

What is a Drainage As-Built plan?

A drainage as-built plan is a drawing of the location and depth of the private Sewerage or Storm water drain than runs from the property and connect into the main lines.


Reasons for needing an As-built plan:

  • You have a blockage in either the Sewer or Storm water and need to locate it.
  • You are doing renovations on your property and need to make sure you don’t hit the private lines when digging.
  • When cross leasing – CLICK HERE for definitions

Owner ship & Maintenance:

The owner of the land/house that is serviced by the private line is responsible for all maintenance of the private line or lines up to the point where it connects into the main line, then Water care take ownership.


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